What We Do

The scope of services provided by RealGaz LLC is the following

  • Supply of gases

    Provision of compressed, liquefied and bulk gases such as: Argon/ Liquid Argon (Ar)/ Argon gas mixtures, Carbon Dioxide/ Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen/ Liquid Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen/Liquid Oxygen (O2), Helium (He), Compressed air, Hydrogen (H2), Propane (C3H8), Acetylene (C2H2), calibration gases and others.

  • Manufacture of steel cylinders

    The first manufacturer of high pressure (200 and 300 bar) steel seamless gas cylinders in Azerbaijan
    For more information: Vitkovice Cylinders

  • Supply and sale of gas cylinders

    * Varies capacity: 10-50 ltr
    * Working pressure: 150 bar, 200 bar, 230 bar, 300 bar

  • Operations with cylinders

    * Inspection
    * Hydro-testing
    * Refurbishing
    * Repair
    * Coloring
    * Certification

  • Others

    * Transportation of dangerous goods
    * Utilization of waste cylinders
    * Supply of dry ice
    * Supply of refrigerants

  • Sales of gas accessories

    * Gas regulators
    * Hoses
    * Fittings
    * Valves
    * Welding units: cutters, heaters, nozzles, etc.

  • Fabrication

    * Design, fabrication and supply of cylinder racks
    * Design, installation, testing and commissioning of gas manifold systems