RealGaz LLC was established in 2003, and it has been one of the leading companies in the technical gas market of Azerbaijan. The company is engaged in the sales and services of industrial, technical, medical and specialty gases, as well as gas mixtures. We have our own accredited laboratory where we analyze all gases, which we produce at our plant and have for sale. RealGaz is committed to serving the customers with prompt delivery to any location in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Central Asia.

Moreover, we have local offices in Tbilisi, Istanbul Tashkent which perform the supply of all types of gases to the companies engaged in oil and gas, construction, medical, and food sectors of Georgia, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

For the first time in the technical gas sector of Azerbaijan, RealGaz was certified in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001: 2000 on 07.12.2005 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. RealGaz implements an integrated management system in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 related to quality, labor and environmental protection. In addition, manufacture of racks with and without manifolds that meet the DNV GL 2.7-1 standard is carried out by RealGaz. Our field of activity includes the production of gas cylinders from 2 liters up to 50 liters under pressure of 200, 300 and 450 bar, transportation of dangerous goods, sale of gas tools (cutters, torches, regulators, manometers) and supply of ISO tanks filled by LAR, LIN, LOX, CO2.

RealGaz has an official permit from the Ministry of Emergency Situations for hydrostatic testing of cylinders. Therefore, the company is able to make decisions related to the necessity of hydrostatic testing of cylinders with the subsequent providing of the relevant certificate.

RealGaz has reached a lot of achievements during its operations. For instance, as a result of a poll conducted among 7,000 members of Trade Leaders’ Club from 95 countries, our company has been awarded the International Award for the Best Trade Name (New Millennium Award) as recognition for its trajectory and business excellence. In 2007, RealGaz was awarded by BP Enterprise Center in the nomination of Best Business Awards. The following year, RealGaz received “The Majestic Five Continents Award for Quality & Excellence”, which was awarded in Switzerland, Geneva on the 20th of December, as an entity for corporate achievement and recognition of the Quality & Excellence of products and services provided by the company. During the forum of BP “MEET THE BUYER 2014” organized within the International Caspian Oil and Gas exhibition 2014, RealGaz was granted the award by BP as the company with “THE BEST HSE PERFOMANCE”.

We are proud to announce that the trademark of RealGaz had been registered by the State Committee of Azerbaijan Republic on Standardization, Metrology and Patent since 22 June 2010.

Our Services



We have gas cylinder racks with or without manifold system for onshore and offshore usage, c/w 12, 16, 48 or 64 cylinders, 150bar, 200bar and 300bar, with the volume 40Ltr and 50Ltr. All the racks are being manufactured at our site, in accordance with the rack design calculation especially prepared for our company and are according to the DNV standard 2.7.1. Our racks are being tested and certified for lifting once per year and according certificate is provided. We have the gas racks for Oxygen, Argon and Argomixes, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Propane, Acetylene, Helium. The racks are supplied on rental base and can be offered for the sale.



Our company has the permit from the Ministry for Emergency Situations allowed to perform the hydrotesting of gas cylinders, giving the warranty for usage of the cylinders during 5 years. On the base of results of this test we provide the according certificate for all of our cylinders and the cylinders of our Customers received for the testing against their orders. We also perform the painting of the cylinders in accordance with the color coding, the replacement of the valves, the refurbishing and repair. We supply our gases only in the tested cylinders and provide the Certificates both for cylinder and gas .



We have license for dangerous goods transportation and provide the delivery of the gas cylinders to the places upon the orders of our Customer. For this purpose we use the vehicles specially completed for dangerous goods transportation in accordance with the requirements of local governmental organizations and our Customers. Moreover, we have special transportation tank for delivery of LIN, LOX and LAR, with the capacity 14m3.



We provide the collection of waste gas cylinders of any type from the sites and perform the utilization process. We accept the orders for utilization of gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, cylinders for refrigerants, etc. As soon as the valves are dismounted, the cylinders are completely empty and damaged in order to prevent their recycling, they can be returned to the Customer or taken to the metal scrap.

What We Do

The scope of services provided by RealGaz LLC is the following

  • Supply of gases

    Provision of compressed, liquefied and bulk gases such as: Argon/ Liquid Argon (Ar)/ Argon gas mixtures, Carbon Dioxide/ Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen/ Liquid Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen/Liquid Oxygen (O2), Helium (He), Compressed air, Hydrogen (H2), Propane (C3H8), Acetylene (C2H2), calibration gases and others.

  • Manufacture of steel cylinders

    The first manufacturer of high pressure (200 and 300 bar) steel seamless gas cylinders in Azerbaijan
    For more information: Vitkovice Cylinders

  • Supply and sale of gas cylinders

    * Varies capacity: 10-50 ltr
    * Working pressure: 150 bar, 200 bar, 230 bar, 300 bar

  • Operations with cylinders

    * Inspection
    * Hydro-testing
    * Refurbishing
    * Repair
    * Coloring
    * Certification

  • Others

    * Transportation of dangerous goods
    * Utilization of waste cylinders
    * Supply of dry ice
    * Supply of refrigerants

  • Sales of gas accessories

    * Gas regulators
    * Hoses
    * Fittings
    * Valves
    * Welding units: cutters, heaters, nozzles, etc.

  • Fabrication

    * Design, fabrication and supply of cylinder racks
    * Design, installation, testing and commissioning of gas manifold systems